Frequencies of Color and Sound

A collaboration between sound artist Moritz Simon Geist (“Making Techno with Robots”) and FYI Henriksson.

For Moritz and his robots, a car became the key part of the anolog x synthetic instrument. For FYI Henriksson, the car became the physical canvas to paint on with virtual light.

Acoustically, the sounds were recorded by analog and synthetic mediums such as robots, Arduino controlled machines, EMF recorders and the like.

Visually, the project is a bold exploration into a new space at the frontier between physical and virtual realm. Shot at the Hyperbowl in Munich, a large set of LED panels driven by the 3D real time platform Unreal Engine provided backdrop, lighting and environment for a minimalist scene of vibrant color-sound stimulation.

Worlds apart from a common realism approach in virtual sets, in which they are used as make-belief versions of existing physical spaces, FYI Henriksson is opening up the concept of what these spaces are: when one is physically present, it is the interaction between the physical bodies that is mediated directly via virtual space, and fed back into the senses. Because this happens in real time, physical space and virtual space become one. They are a new artistic playground to venture into exciting, unknown visual territory.

This piece is a glimpse into this territory, with a highly efficient visual economy, generating a maximum of visual impact with minimal means.


Music & Sound: Moritz Simon Geist

Outfits: ZEITGUISED with Starstyling Berlin

Direction, Art Direction, Design: ZEITGUISED

Performance: Ewa Dziarnowska

Concept: Emanuel Mugrauer,ZEITGUISED

Drone DOPs: Denis Grabe, Friedrich v. Strauch (Cloudriders Berlin)

DOP: David Vorkauf (Those Young Bloods)

Assistance to DOP: Julia Kleinau

Additional Shots: Robert Arnold

Edit: ZEITGUISED, Gürçan Cansever

Colorist: Lutz Forster, C.S.I.

Unreal Artist: Johannes Kollmer

Studio: Hyperbowl Munich

Unreal Engine Studio TD: Dennis Boleslawski

Hyperbowl Studio Production: Tobias Joeckle

Make Up: Bianca Hartkopf (Nina Klein Agentur)

Choreography: ZEITGUISED, Ewa Dziarnowska, Litó Walkey

Support by Polestar: Max Tolsdorff, Viktor Vahl

Production: Julian Adenauer (Retune), Christine von Istler